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Luxury Lodges of Australia’s extraordinary range of visually-stunning accommodation products made a digital magazine the perfect platform to enhance awareness of this reputable brand.

Lodge Life Digital Magazine houses Luxury Lodges of Australia’s stories of people, places and styles of experiential luxury, paired with tempting visuals of their high-end offerings.


“Collaborating with some of the country’s best travel writers to bring together stories of people, place, and genuine Australian experiential luxury. Grin’s commitment to delivering a visually engaging, interactive digital experience allowed us to showcase our luxury lodges to our own database in a fresh way, as well as a new audience. For us, this was an alternate online platform to inspire and inform during a challenging time for our travel industry.

The digital format provided LLoA with valuable insights and analytics and assisted with driving traffic to our website. Grin’s team understood the importance of storytelling from first-hand experiences and we were especially pleased with the length of time readers engaged with the content of these digital publications. Grin continues to support post launch, with ideas to grow readership and extend the relevance and lifespan of the publications.”

General Manager, Luxury Lodges of Australia

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